The Defender T3 is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1996 under the Cyber Stryke Gear series.

It comes packaged with three arrows and three Mega Darts.


It is one of two Nerf blasters (the other being the Longshot CS-6) that can separate into two blasters; One being an arrow launcher and the other one a single-fire blaster that fired Mega Darts. The Defender T3 can be used either as combined or separated into two weapons. Both blasters are spring-powered when in their combined form.

There is an integrated scope on top of the blaster, along with two arrow holders. Two dart holders are located on either side of the blaster, as well. The blaster fires the arrow before firing the Mega Dart when combined. It also comes with a belt clip.[5]

Arrow shooter

The arrow shooter is arguably the best part of the unit. However, there is no trigger when separated, so firing the launcher is done so by pulling back the lever and releasing. This causes the arrows to sometimes get thrown off course. The accuracy for the arrow shooter is much better when combined as one blaster.

When detached, the scope of the blaster acts as a carrying handle. The internals of the blaster are very similar to those seen in the Big Bad Bow. [6]

Dart blaster

The separate blaster is a basic single-fire blaster. It has an average range and works best if used as a secondary blaster.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Defender T3, place a dart into the dart blaster's muzzle and an arrow into the arrow blaster's muzzle and prime by pulling back the plunger rod located at the back of each blaster.

To fire a dart or arrow, press the firing trigger.


  • It is the first blaster to feature the use of 9" arrows.


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