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The dart tooth of a Stampede ECS.

A dart tooth is an internal component found in most clip system and breech-loaded blasters.


A dart tooth is often used in tandem with a blaster's bolt. Its purpose is to make sure a dart (or other projectile) is properly seated in a bolt's chamber by engaging while the bolt closes, blocking any dart from entering too far up the blaster's barrel in order to be properly seated inside the chamber. Depending on the blaster's design, dart teeth are engaged while the blaster is being primed, and disengaged when the blaster's bolt has closed, in order to have enough clearance for the dart to be fired. Other designs may function differently: for example, the Buzz Bee Air Warriors Predator has a dart tooth that is always engaged, and only disengages when the trigger is pulled. The Clip Blaster 10 has a flat piece of plastic that acts as a dart tooth, flipping up when engaged and down when disengaged. Like the Predator, it is always engaged, and only disengages when the trigger is pulled.


As a dart tooth is vital to a blaster's functionality, they are almost never removed during modification. An exception to this rule is when a blaster's barrel and breech is replaced with brass tubing. A dart tooth is not needed when a blaster is brass barrelled, since there is usually enough air flow for the blaster to fire a dart, even when it is not completely seated in the breech.