Dart modification is a form of modification in which the user modifies a dart. Modifications to a dart usually are to improve firing distance. These are used in most wars, and are very common throughout modders' collections. Common modifications include adding hot glue into the tip to add weight or having a piece of straw inside the dart's body to increase strength or replacing the tip on the dart with something heavier.

Hasbro does not recommend dart modifications to avoid injury to the blaster and its user.

Stem modification

Sometimes one might shorten the stem of Streamline Darts so it works with blasters that normally don't work with them (like the Magstrike AS-10 or Nite Finder EX-3). This is due to long dart posts. This can be reversed; instead of shortening stems, users can shorten dart posts.


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Stefans are homemade darts for modified and homemade blasters usually made from foam backer rod (also known as caulk saver) and a weight.

Other forms

Many players will mod their own darts to be able to tell their darts apart from others' darts in a Nerf war. Some will simply leave an indication, while others may paint their darts or perform slight modifications.

Another form of dart modification is shortening a dart by cutting it in a half or a quarter and a half, darts that are shortened will have more precision, because of more weight in their heads.

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