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This article features a Dart Zone-related subject.

Dart Zone Pro is a series of Dart Zone blasters that was released in fall of 2019.


Unlike other, more conventional series, Dart Zone Pro is a series of blasters with many similarities to modified blasters and third-party blasters such as those made by Worker. Blasters under the Dart Zone Pro series are made for more competitive, super-stock Nerf wars.

Like the Nerf RIVAL series or the Dart Zone BallistixOps series, products released under Dart Zone Pro are meant for Nerfers ages fourteen and up.

Dart Zone Pro products


Name Year
Dzpmk11.jpg MK-1.1 2020
Dzp mk2.png MK-2 2020
Mk3placeholder.png MK-3 2021

Blaster sets

Name Year
MK1Collector.jpg MK-1 Collector's Edition 2019


Name Year
Pro-Series-15-Standard-Dart-Magazine-3-Pack 0004 Long-Dart-1.jpg Fifteen dart magazine 2019
Short-Dart-3pk 0004 Short-Dart-1.jpg Fifteen half-length dart magazine 2019
Short-Dart-Adapter 1.jpg Half-length dart magazine adapter 2019
DZPRefill.jpg Pro Dart Refill Pack 2019
DZPRefill.jpg Pro Half-Length Dart Refill Pack 2019