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Not to be confused with Air Zone.

Dart Zoneis a brand of dart blasters owned by Prime Time Toys that began in 2010.

Three series exists under the brand: BallistixOps, Dart Zone Pro, and Dart Zone Max.


The Dart Zone brand is composed of only dart blasters, with no other types of ammunition. Its main dart type is that of the Sureshot Dart, a dart with a waffle-tip dart head.

Many products have been re-released under other brands, including the Walmart-exclusive Adventure Force and Toys "R" Us exclusive Air Zone brands.


It was initially named Dart Zone: Covert Ops, with this subtitle being dropped during a later rebranding. Its main ammunition around the time of its release were Micro Darts, which was replaced with the first iteration of the Super Dart in 2014. This would later be replaced in 2019 with the "Sureshot Series Super Dart", to be renamed Sureshot Dart in later years.



Name Year
GatlingBlaster.jpg Gatling Blaster 2010
Quickfire12.jpeg Quickfire 12 2011
BeltBlasterDartZone box.jpg Belt Blaster 2012
Quickfire10 DZ.png Quickfire 10 2012
Eagle.jpg Eagle 2014
Raptor.jpg Raptor 2014
Scorpiongatlingblaster.png Scorpion Gatling Blaster 2014
Talon.jpg Talon 2014
Enforcer.png Enforcer Belt Blaster 2016
Fireburst.jpg Fireburst 2016
Havoc.png Havoc 2016
Hawkeye.jpg Hawkeye 2016
Legendfire.png Legendfire 2016
Magnum DartZone.png Magnum 2016
PhantomPowershot.png Phantom 2016
PowerboltBeltBlaster.png Powerbolt Belt Blaster 2016
RenegadeDoubleBarrel.png Renegade Double Barrel 2016
Tri-Fire.png Tri-Fire 2016
Dartstorm 1.png Dartstorm 2017
Quatroblast DZ.png Quatroblast 2017
TitanBeltBlaster.jpg Titan 2018
Destructor.jpg Destructor 2019
CornerFire.jpg CornerFire 2020
MagnumX2.jpg Magnum X2 2020
Green Storm Squad.png Storm Squad 2020
Dztomahawk.png Tomahawk 60 2021
Ballshooter.png Ballshooter ?


Name Year
20 dart belt.jpg Twenty dart belt 2014
18 belt.jpg Eighteen dart belt 2016
40 dart belt.png Forty dart belt 2016
PowerclipDZ.jpg Powerclip Refill Pack 2016
50 dart super.png Super Dart Refill Pack 2016
Superdrum drum.jpg Superdrum Refill Pack 2017
DZPRefill.jpg Pro Dart Refill pack 2020
Cornerfire2-Pack-Accessory Main.png CornerFire Cylinder Refill 2020
100 surefire DZ.jpg Sureshot Series Super Dart Refill Pack 2019
30 dart belt.jpeg V-Twin Refill Pack 2020

Product sets

Name Year
Blitzfire2pack.png Blitzfire 2-Pack 2016
Tri-Fire3pack.png Tri-Fire 3-Pack 2016
Quad4pack.png Quad 4-Pack 2016
CommandoIconic4.png Commando Iconic 4 2019
Dart zone rampage performance.png Rampage Performance Dart Blaster 2 Pack 2020


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