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Cyber Stryke Gear is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1996.


The Cyber Stryke Gear series has a futuristic look to its blasters. Many blasters of the line also were rather unique and had special functions to them. Most blasters had a way to attach them to the user's body.

Every blaster in the series fired Mega Darts, although the Defender T3 was compatible with both Mega Darts and arrows. The arrows and Mega Darts within the series all featured a black and orange color scheme which helped them to be set apart from those found in other series.


The series lasted one year before it was discontinued in 1997. Two blasters in the series, the Ratchet Blast and the RotoTrack, would continue production under the Hyper Sight and Mega Blitz series, respectively.

Cyber Stryke Gear products


Name Year
Autogrip.jpg AutoGrip 1996
Defendert3.jpg Defender T3 1996
Perceptor.jpg Perceptor 1996
Cyberstrykestrongarmblaster.jpg StrongArm 1996
Armorshot.jpg ArmorShot 1997
Commlinkiiblaster.jpg CommLink II 1997
RatchetBlastBlaster.gif Ratchet Blast 1997
Rototrack.jpg RotoTrack 1997

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