The Crank Force is a BOOMco. blaster that was released in 2015.

It comes packaged with a Qwikclip, eight Smart Stick Darts, and a Smart Stick Dart.


The Crank Force is a Qwikclip-fed blaster with a crank lever that fires the blaster. It has a firing mode similar to that of Nerf slam fire, where holding down the firing trigger and cranking the lever can "rapid fire" darts.

The crank comes detached from the blaster for packaging reasons, and can be attached to either side of the blaster, for either right-handed or left-handed use. It also features an integrated shoudler stock (also initially detached from the blaster) with a spot to store four darts, as well as a sling point above the muzzle that can double as an iron sight. There is also a tactical rail on the top of the blaster.

It advertises a firing range of up to seventy feet (twenty-one meters).

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