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The CornerFire is a Dart Zone blaster that was released in summer of 2020. It requires six "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with a removable cylinder and ten Super Darts.

It is a Target exclusive.


The CornerFire is a battery-operated semi-automatic flywheel blaster with a ten dart cylinder. This cylinder can be removed in order to speed up reload times. The blaster also features two sling points.

It is unique in that the front half of the blaster can swivel around to a near 90 degrees, allowing the user to fire darts from around corners. An integrated scope is compatible with this feature, with a mirror inside of it that will continue to provide aim if the user looks through the scope when the blaster is angled. The front half locks into place in three positions - straight and all the way left and right - and a trigger on the vertical grip will unlock it to swivel around.

It advertises a firing range of up to eighty feet (twenty-four meters).

Official description


It was announced by Dart Zone on Facebook on June 12, 2020.[1]


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