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The HyperFire's conveyor system.

A conveyor system is a feeding mechanism used in some flywheel-powered blasters.


As the name suggests, a conveyor system uses a belt to move darts or High-Impact Rounds to the flywheels, and is essentially an alternative to the pusher mechanism. It was first used in the HyperFire and has become popular in the RIVAL series due to how High-Impact Rounds are designed. A semi-automatic conveyor is designed to cycle once per trigger pull, while a fully automatic conveyor cycles as long as the trigger is pulled. Conveyor systems are usually found in hopper-fed blasters.


The main advantage a conveyor system has over a pusher mechanism is that it allows for a faster rate of fire.


The main disadvantages it has over a pusher mechanism is that it has a higher risk of jamming. If the trigger is pulled fast enough, the system can cycle once without pushing the dart. This problem occurs especially with squished darts, as those darts are less likely to be picked up by the conveyor. This effect is commonly found in the Regulator, although other conveyor blasters can have this issue.

Blasters with conveyor systems