The Cobra RC-6 is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2019 under the Alpha Strike series.

It comes packaged in several Alpha Strike sets and cannot be bought separately.


The Cobra is a revolver-style blaster that features a rotating cylinder in the front that holds up to six Elite Darts at a time, and rotates on prime. In the back, there's a plunger rod priming handle similar to the ones found on external mechanism blasters.


The Cobra RC-6 was first leaked in early 2019. Later, it was found on shelves in Hong Kong and listed on a UK toy distributor website.


The Cobra can be disassembled without the use of a screwdriver. The external shell is composed of four parts: one on the grip, two over the internals, and one as decoration.

Blaster sets

Like other blasters in the Alpha Strike line, the Cobra is sold in several blaster sets. This includes the Mission Ops Set, the Ultimate Mission Pack, as well as its Dual Targeting Set and the standard Targeting Set.


  • RC may stand for "rotating cylinder" or "revolving cylinder".
  • The blaster appears to be in many ways, similar to the Quadrant, with the exception that it has a capacity of six darts rather than four.
  • It appears to be similar to the X-Shot Reflex 6.
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