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Not to be confused with the Elimination Game.

The Clue Elimination is a Hasbro blaster set that was released in 2012.

It comes packaged with four unique blasters, twelve matching Whistler Darts, and instructions.


Clue Elimination is a blaster set and game based off of the classic board game Clue.

The included darts have a "?" logo on their tips in place of the Nerf logo on standard Whistler darts. The hole in the tip is somewhat larger as well, and makes a slightly higher pitched sound. The foam of the dart is a very dark orange, almost red, and is denser than that of a Whistler Dart, almost like that of an Elite Dart.


The Clue Elimination game was first unveiled at the 2012 Toy Fair.[1] The blasters seen at this event differed significantly from the final production blasters.



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