The Clone Trooper Blaster is a single-fire promotional Nerf blaster that was released in 2009 to promote The Clone Wars TV series. It requires two "AA" batteries to power the light.

It comes packaged with three Micro Darts.


It resembles the DC-15S blaster used by the Clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic in The Clone Wars TV series and in Star Wars Episodes II and III. It has an integrated light, as well as integrated dart holders under the blaster.

The blaster itself has a handle directly under the barrel. This handle may be confused with the actual priming handle, which is located on the right side of the blaster.

The blaster's design gave rise to the Captain Rex Electronic Blaster, which was essentially the same blaster. The Captain Rex Electronic Blaster notably differs as it includes a feature with lights and sounds, as well as a clear plunger tube; something the majority of modern blasters lack, with the exception of blasters from the Sonic, Clear, and Sonic ICE series.

Color schemes

The Clone Trooper Blaster has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Blue, gray, and orange
  • White, blue, and orange

Reloading and firing

To reload the Clone Trooper Blaster, simply insert one dart into the muzzle of the blaster. To prime the blaster, grasp the priming handle on the right side of the blaster and pull it back until it cannot go back any further.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


CloneTrooperBlasterBox1 Clonetrooperbox Clonetrooperorig
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  • This blaster is one of the largest single shot blasters ever.


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