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Classic Super Soaker is a name given for the first series of Larami Super Soakers ever released. It began in 1991.



Following the success of the 1990 Power Drencher, Larami produced a series of follow-up soakers: the Super Soaker 100 and Super Soaker 30. This helped to kickstart the popularity of the Super Soaker brand.

The Classic Super Soaker series had two successors: the double-in-power XP series and the more kid-friendly Power Soaker series.

The series's last notable soaker released were the 1994 Super Soaker 60 and Super Soaker 10. Additional re-releases of previous soakers lasted past then, up until 1998 for the Super Soaker 50's twentieth anniversary.

Classic Super Soaker products

Super Soakers

Name Year released
PowerDrencher.JPG Power Drencher 1991
SuperSoaker30.jpg Super Soaker 30 1991
Super soaker 50.jpg Super Soaker 50 1991
SuperSoaker100.jpg Super Soaker 100 1991
Unknown.jpg Super Soaker 100: Classic Series 1992
SuperSoaker20-2.jpg Super Soaker 20 1992
SuperSoaker25.jpg Super Soaker 25 1992
SuperSoaker30Purple.JPG Super Soaker 30: Classic Series 1992
SuperSoaker40BonusPack.JPG Super Soaker 40 1992
Unknown.jpg Super Soaker 50: Classic Series 1992
SuperSoaker200PressPhoto.JPG Super Soaker 200 1992
SuperSoaker300.jpg Super Soaker 300 1993
Unknown.jpg Super Soaker Bow & Arrow 1993
SuperSoakerMDSBox.jpg Super Soaker MDS 1993
Unknown.jpg Super Soaker MDS: Classic Series 1993
SuperSoaker10PurpleBox.JPG Super Soaker 10 1994
SuperSoaker60.jpg Super Soaker 60 1994
SuperSoaker100Orange.jpg Super Soaker 100: New And Improved 1997
SS50-10th.png Super Soaker 50: 10th Year Anniversary 1998


Name Year released
SuperSoakerXTC.jpg X.T.C. 1992
SuperSoaker200TankTop.jpg Super Soaker 200 Tank Top 1993
Unknown.jpg Super Soaker Backpack 1993


  • The Super Soaker community may have chose the name "Classic Super Soaker" based on re-releases of soakers using the name "Classic Series".