The ChronoBarrel is a Nerf barrel extension that was released in fall of 2018 under the Ghost Ops sub-series. It requires two "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with six Elite Darts and instructions.


The ChronoBarrel is a detachable barrel extension that can track darts as they are fired from the blaster it is attached to. Users can insert a initial number on it, and the barrel will count down the number every time a dart is fired through it to indicate how many darts the user still has. The barrel also has a built-in chronograph, which is able to track how fast darts are fired from the blaster, in either FPS (feet per second) or m/s (meters per second). There is also a tactical rail below the barrel itself.

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The ChronoBarrel was first announced at the 2018 Toy Fair.


  • Only darts shot at certain speeds will trigger the counter and chronograph. If a dart is shot too slowly or is manually pushed/dropped through the ChronoBarrel, it won't be counted.
  • When using half-length darts, such as Stefans, the chronograph function is unreliable. as it uses the length of Elite Darts as a standard to determine how fast the darts are going, the shown result will be roughly double of the real one.[citation needed]
  • The plastic that is used in it is noticeably clearer than what was used for other translucent products, such as the Clear Series blasters.
  • A clip can be stored on the barrel by the section just above the tactical rail.


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