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A twelve dart chain, an example of a Nerf chain.

Not to be confused with belts.

chain (also known as an ammo belt) is a type of dart holding device. In addition to coming included with certain blasters, these are also sold in refill packs.


Unlike belts, most chains could be linked together to give one blaster more ammo without modification. Most chain types could be linked to each other, giving the user customization over their chain-fed blaster's capacity.

Recently, the distinction between belts and chains has become less clear with newer blasters, as some belts such as the thirty dart belt are able to be linked to other belt segments just like a chain.

Certain differences between the chains occurred, despite the fact that they were all backwards-compatible with one another. For example, the eight dart chain that came with the Chainblazer came in two sets of four dart links. The fifteen dart chain that came with the Razorbeast came in three sets of five dart links. Because of the fact that both chains share the same color scheme, this is an accurate method of being able to tell the origins of a loose chain without a blaster.


The first chain was introduced in 1994 with the Chainblazer. Chains have been discontinued after the 1997 RotoTrack, and were replaced by the belt (as of 2008) with the release of the Vulcan EBF-25.

More recently, the 2018 Zombie Strike Ripchain saw use of a twenty-five dart chain. The chain, unlike others, is not able to be disassembled and linked to other chains of its type, nor is it compatible to the other three.

Chain variations

Name Year Patron
EightDartChainblazerChain.png Eight dart chain 1994 Chainblazer
RotoTrackTwelveDartChain.gif Twelve dart chain 1997 RotoTrack
FifteenDartChain.jpg Fifteen dart chain 1994 Razorbeast
Unknown.jpg Twenty-five dart chain 2018 Ripchain


  • Many Nerfers still colloquially refer to the Vulcan belt as a "chain", in spite of being a belt.

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