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The Caliburn is a Captain Slug blaster that was released in 2017[citation needed].


The Caliburn is a large 3D printed blaster that is pump-action and clip-fed, similar to blasters such as the Nerf Alpha Trooper. It features a built-in shoulder stock, as well as three Picatinny rails, two lining up on top of the blaster, and one on the pump grip.

The Caliburn is able to be customized upon ordering in a multitude of ways. Examples of customizability include changing the color scheme of the blaster, changing the spring of the blaster, and even changing the clip adapter of the blaster. These include support for full-length darts, half-length darts, Mega Darts, and High-Impact Rounds.

Blaster sets

Replacement parts for most of the major components of the Caliburn are available for purchase or can be 3d Printed on most 3d printers.

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