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The CPS series is a series of Larami Super Soakers that began in 1996.


The CPS line, which stood for "Constant Pressure System", revolutionized the water soaker market. These soaker used a new form of pressure known as elastic pressure. Elastic pressure soakers feature improved performance and higher velocity shots. The CPS line quickly became among the most popular Super Soaker lines in existence by its first year.

Soakers in this series are known to be extremely large and extremely powerful. The series represented the largest class at the time of its release, taking over from the XXP line. Some soakers from this series are extremely valuable, most notably the CPS 2000.


The series began in 1996 with the CPS 2000. After 1996, however, no new soakers were introduced, until 1998, when four new soakers were launched, among the four being a backpack model and a smaller model. The series went inactive yet again after 1998.

In 2000, the series was revived with four new soakers, all bearing flashy color schemes. These soakers helped expand the CPS line and showed of the possibilities ahead for the line. 2001 brought two new soakers, both of which were considered novelties. The 2001 line did not receive critical acclaim like the past three lines had, and the 2001 CPS 1-3-5 is considered the worst out of the entire line.

With 2002, fans were disappointed to discover only two new soakers, one of which being based heavily off of a pre-existing Monster soaker. After 2002, Hasbro completely took over the Super Soaker brand, and no new CPS soakers have been produced since. A mere five soakers have been released since 2002 using elastic pressure.

CPS Products

Super Soakers

Name Year released
CPS2000.jpg CPS 2000 1996
CPS1000.jpg CPS 1000 1998
CPS1500.jpg CPS 1500 1998
CPS2500.jpg CPS 2500 1998
CPS3000.jpg CPS 3000 1998
CPS1200.jpg CPS 1200 2000
CPS1700.jpg CPS 1700 2000
CPS2700.jpg CPS 2700 2000
CPS3200.jpg CPS 3200 2000
CPS1-3-5.jpg CPS 1-3-5 2001
CPSSplashzooka.jpg CPS SplashZooka 65oz. 2001
CPS2100.jpg CPS 2100 2002
CPS4100.jpg CPS 4100 2002