Buzz Bee (full name Buzz Bee Toys) is a brand of toys in Hong Kong owned by Alex Brands.


Buzz Bee Toys was formed in 2000 as its own toy company, based in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Buzz Bee Toys markets products for an international audience; some of their toys, such as the Derringer, are only available in certain countries.

The company's roots date back to when some of the executives at the company were initially working at Larami before it was shut down by Hasbro.[citation needed] After this, the executives went on their own and formed Buzz Bee Toys. This is why certain patents were able to be used by Buzz Bee Toys for so long without trouble.

In May of 2015 they were purchased and acquired by Alex Brands.


In 2010, Hasbro sued Buzz Bee for patent infringement over the Super Soaker CPS-system patent.

Buzz Bee was banned from creating further products under their Hydro-Power line of CPS type water soakers as these were infringing on Hasbro's patents.


  • Over the years, some Nerf fans have switched to Buzz Bee products. Other users have simply expanded their arsenals to include new products from both lines. Given Buzz Bee's cross-compatibility as of 2015 with Nerf systems (such as the Air Max Boss and Tyrant for Mega Darts or the Ultra-Tek Snipe and Brute for Elite Darts), this is likely to become more common with time.

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