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Burger King is an international chain of fast food restraurants, famous for its Whopper hamburger. A number of promotional Nerf and Super Soaker products have been included with its Kids Meals.


Unique to the 2018 Nerf toys is the ability to connect one another to form blaster combos, similar to the Buzz Bee Power-Lock connector system or the Nerf Assembler Gear blasters.


The first set of Nerf-branded Kids Meal toys was in 2011, with a set of miniature Super Soakers.

Burger King products


Name Year
Doublestreak Double Streak 2011
Hydrodynamic Hydrodynamic 2011
Hydrosurge Hydro Surge 2011
Powergrip Power Grip 2011
Stormforce Storm Force 2011
Wristspritz Wrist Spritz 2011

June/July 2018

Name Year
Darter Darter 2018
DoubleTrouble Double Trouble 2018
Multi Multi 2018
Streamer Streamer 2018
RicochetBK Ricochet 2018
ZombieBlast Zombie Blast 2018

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