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Bug Attack is a series of X-Shot dart blasters that was released in fall of 2015.


The Bug Attack series of blasters are designed to be used against Moving Target Bugs that stick to walls. Most of the blasters from this series fire Bug Darts, with the exception of the Bug Blaster Bow, which fires arrows. Most Bug Attack blasters are compatible with Nerf Elite Dart style darts.

Bug Attack products


Name Year
EliminatorBugAttack.jpg Eliminator 2015
RapidFireBugAttack.jpg Rapid Fire 2015
BugAttackCrossbow.jpg Crossbow 2017
Swarm-Seeker.jpg Swarm Seeker 2018
BUG-ATTACK-BOW-ARROW-450x168.jpg Bug Blaster Bow ?
Predator Bug.jpg Predator TK-3 ?

Product sets

Name Year
BugAttackValuePack.jpg Bug Attack Value Pack ?
ComboPredatorTK3.jpg Combo Predator TK-3 ?
FlyingBugAttack.jpg Flying Bug Attack 2018


Name Year
BugDart 30.jpg Bug Dart Refill Pack ?