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The Bow 'n' Arrow is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1991 under the Original Nerf name.

It comes packaged with three arrows.


As its name suggests, the Bow 'n' Arrow heavily resembles a bow. It has fake bow strings that are there for aesthetics only. It does not feature a firing trigger. Instead, it is fired similarly to an actual bow. Two arrow holders are located on the upper limb of the blaster. The blaster also has a built-in sight located above the barrel.


It was the first Nerf blaster that featured the use of arrows. Invented by Mark Rappaport, it is commonly believed to be a 1990 blaster. However, it has only appeared in 1991-style packaging, as well as in the 1991 catalog, where it was listed as being "new". This points to the blaster having a 1991 release instead of a 1990 release.

The Bow 'n' Arrow's packaging was updated for 1992, and was re-released with a new color scheme in 1993. It was re-released again in 1994 as the Sonic Stinger Bow 'n' Arrow, in which fired arrows with plastic buzzing tips. In 1994, it was also sold as part of the Gotcha brand as the "Super Bow & Arrow".

The blaster was said to have been given a re-release in 1997, although it is unknown if any performance differences occurred with this re-release.

It was spiritually succeeded by the Big Bad Bow in 1998.

Color schemes

The Bow 'n' Arrow has been released with the following color schemes:

  • 1991 (blue, pink, and yellow)
  • 1992 (dark blue, black, and yellow)


  • Mark Rappaport, the inventor of the Bow 'n' Arrow, maintains a toy company, Marky Sparky Toys, which makes a similar bow, now called the "Faux Bow".


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