The Blue Crush is a Nerf Super Soaker that was released in 2014 under the Rebelle series.


The Blue Crush features a single tactical rail near the front of the Super Soaker. Its reservoir cap is located at the end. It is a piston-powered soaker with one nozzle. The handle of the soaker also acts as a reservoir, like many of the 2014 Super Soakers such as the Barrage and Freezefire. Various wavy lines are seen on the reservoir of the blaster. A pattern of a wave crashing is also seen on the front of the blaster directly below the Rebelle logo. It is the middle blaster in the Super Soaker Rebelle line.

It advertises a firing range of up to thirty-eight feet.


It was the second discovered blaster under the Super Soaker Rebelle series. It was first discovered in early January 2014.


  • Its name is similar to that of the Pink Crush dart blaster.
  • Its shape is similar to that of the Scatter Blast.
  • It is the only 2014 Super Soaker to feature a tactical rail.
  • Its design shares similarities with the Cascade.


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