The Blaster Rack is a Nerf-branded Jazwares product that was released in fall of 2018.

It comes packaged disassembled with instructions.


The Blaster Rack is a product that allows the user to store their Nerf blasters in an organized fashion. It is advertised as being able to store up to twenty blasters. Shelves and dividers can be attached to the rack to help customize the organizing process.

Fully assembled, eight large blasters can be put onto the rack, in a divided-up section. Either side of the rack has numerous rails that double as both tactical rails and inverse tactical rails where blasters and tactical rail attachments can be attached. Hooks can also be attached to the rails, for holding other large blasters or ones that can be hung by a strap or a slot where a hook can fit (such as the handle on the Firestrike's plunger rod). Two shelved areas provide storage for smaller blasters. A pull-out drawer can store darts and other ammo, as well as clips, magazines, and small blasters.

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