The Blast-a-Ball is a Nerf ball blaster that was released in 1989 under the Original Nerf name.

It originally was packaged as a set with two blasters so two people would be able to play together.

It comes packaged with two blasters and four Ballistic Balls.


It is a single-fire ball blaster that makes a loud "pop" noise when fired.


The Blast-a-Ball, designed by Randall H. Moormann, was the first "official" Nerf blaster (not including the Air Launcher). It was also the first blaster to fire Ballistic Balls, as well as being the first handheld Nerf foam weapon.

It was succeeded one year later by the Blast-a-Matic, which featured a higher ammo capacity and rate of fire.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Blast-a-Ball, simply insert one Ballistic Ball into the front barrel of the blaster. Extend the priming handle back wards fully until it cannot extend any further.

Sharply and quickly push the priming handle forward to fire the ball.



Official videos


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