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The Vulcan EBF-25 belt.

A belt is a dart-holding device that is used with some blasters.


A belt, like the chain before it, is composed of several chambers that can be or are linked together (depending on the belt). They are fed into the compatible blaster and are expelled out of the side of the blaster. Some belts may have air restrictors in each chamber.

Currently, the only Nerf blaster that supports the use of a belt is the Vulcan EBF-25, which accepts the only belt introduced as of yet, the twenty-five dart belt. The prototype version of this blaster, the "Vulcan BF-50", featured a fifty dart belt.

Relationship to chains

It is considered a successor to the chain. There are many similarities between belts and chains, which explains why they are so closely related. Chains can be linked, but belts can't without modification.

Buzz Bee thirty dart belts are the exception to this rule, however. They are made of individual links that can be joined together and made as long as the user wishes. In addition, the belt links can be joined in a loop. As a result, the thirty dart belt, despite its name, is more closely related to a chain than a belt.

The Ripchain's twenty-five dart chain is also an exception to this rule. It is in a closed loop and it is not made of separable parts. Thus, it is closer related to a belt than a chain.

Belt variations


Name Year
25dartbelt.jpg Twenty-five dart belt 2008

Buzz Bee Toys

Name Year
30 dart belt Buzz Bee.jpg Thirty dart belt 2009

Dart Zone / Adventure Force

Name Year
18 belt.jpg Eighteen dart belt 2014
20 dart belt.jpg Twenty dart belt 2014
40 dart enforcer belt.jpg Forty dart belt (Enforcer) 2016
40 dart belt.png Forty dart belt (Dartstorm) 2017
30 dart belt.jpeg Thirty dart belt 2019