The BattleCamo Series is a sub-series of Nerf blasters that was released in 2017 under the N-Strike Elite and N-Strike Mega series.

The series is a Walmart exclusive in the United States and a Kmart exclusive in Australia.


The BattleCamo Series consists of re-releases of N-Strike and N-Strike Mega blasters. N-Strike blasters feature a new color scheme of white, dark blue, light blue, black, gray, and orange, whereas N-Strike Mega blasters feature color schemes of white, red, black, gray, and orange.

The sub-series also includes re-released attachments, as seen with the Battlescout ICS-10 and the Stryfe. In addition, they come packaged with the Special Edition version of the Elite Dart.

BattleCamo Series products


Name Year
5b113982-4381-4725-90b7-29d6f56c3e28 1.42b99a111dff4915e3c903e82f1e2130 Battlescout ICS-10 2017
Splitstrike battlecamo SplitStrike 2017
C614047d-0dad-488d-98a8-ba62f17ef31d 1.6db0250b069accc7009d5488238ff9a6 Firestrike 2018
D22e5572-cebf-4abc-9bda-2d3dee3f533b 1.9df77eb0e466022cddcad9a1a3b798eb Rough Cut 2x4 2018
NOvg5qWl Stryfe 2018
CycloneShock BC CycloneShock 2019


Name Year
BattleCamo dart refill BattleCamo Dart Refill Pack (includes 30 Elite Darts) 2017
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