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Not to be confused with Bat Tazer.

The Bat-Tazer is a Kenner blaster that was released in 1997 to promote the film Batman & Robin.

It comes packaged with one Bat-Signal Missile.


The Bat-Tazer is a re-release of the Nerf Ambush Rip Rockets Backlash. The Bat-Tazer features various changes to the blaster, notably changing the entire style from a suction cup, wall-mounted weapon, to a handheld one. Despite this, the blaster still uses a cord-and-lever system to fire the blaster, as opposed to a standard firing trigger. A grip was added to the shell, and the integrated dart storage featured on the Backlash was removed.

It is meant to be held upside down, with the handle being above the blaster itself. While the blaster comes packaged with a special type of Micro Dart, it is also compatible with standard Micro Darts.[citation needed]


The Bat-Tazer was one of two Batman-themed Backlash re-releases, the other being the blaster included with the 1997 Kenner Utility Belt.