A barrel extension is an optional and interchangeable accessory that is only compatible with certain Nerf blasters.


Barrel extensions are said to make blasters more accurate; however, the popular Elite Dart and previously popular Streamline Dart are known to be inaccurate, even with extensions equipped. Barrel extensions also usually cause a decrease in range due to added friction depending on the size of the tube inside the barrel. However, with a good shot, barrel extensions can increase range, but it must be on a steady surface.

Due to their negative effect on performance, barrel extensions are mostly used for aesthetics on blasters.


The first blaster to feature and be compatible with the N-Strike barrel extension system was the Longshot CS-6 in 2006.

Initially, with the exception of the Spectre REV-5, all blasters that featured barrel extension compatibility under the N-Strike line were clip system blasters, due to the smaller inner diameter of most barrel extensions that could only accept Streamline Darts (with the exception of the aforementioned Spectre REV-5's barrel extension). It was not until the standardization of Elite Darts with the N-Strike Elite line that more and more non-clip system blasters started to feature barrel extension compatibility.

List of barrel extensions

Interchangeable barrel extensions

Name Year
1028085 Longshot front blaster 2006
Recon Barrel Extension Recon barrel extension 2008
Longstrike Barrel Extension Longstrike barrel extension 2010
Egr Spectre barrel extension 2010/2013
200px-Retaliatorbarrel Retaliator barrel extension 2012
Modulus Barrel Dual-Rail Barrel 2015
Longrangebarrel Long Range Barrel 2015
Nerf Modulus proximity barrel Proximity Barrel 2015
IonFirebarrel IonFire barrel extension 2016
Megadartbarrel Mega Dart Barrel Extension 2016
ReconMKIIbarrel Recon MKII barrel extension 2016
BarrelStrike BarrelStrike 2017
5B759979-E715-455C-AAD1-39FAEDD10EFC Long Barrel Scope 2017
Shortbarrelscope Short Barrel Scope 2017
SwivelHandle Swivel Handle 2017
MediatorBarrel Mediator Barrel 2018
Nerf-shadow-ops-upgrade-kit-asst-wholesale-22659 Chrono Barrel 2018
Mmexport1525512006246 Delta Trooper barrel extension 2018
Evaderbarrel Evader Barrel 2018
12279837327390 (2) Gear-Ready Barrel 2018
Scravengerbarrelwhite Scravenger barrel extension 2018
ZoomnDoombarrel Extending Barrel 2018
Unknown Illuminator Barrel 2019

Blaster specific barrel extensions

Name Year
Sawtooth scope Sawtooth scope and barrel extension 1995
SharpFirebarrel SharpFire barrel extension 2015

Compatible blasters

For a list of Nerf blasters compatible with barrel extensions, see Category:Barrel extension-compatible blasters.


  • The Spectre REV-5's barrel has the greatest range due to the fact that the barrel is rather short and is very wide, reducing friction on the barrel. The lowest ranged barrel extension could be the Longstrike CS-6's barrel because it is the longest barrel extension Nerf has.

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