For information on the blaster's standard features, see Barrel Break IX-2.

The Sonic FIRE Barrel Break IX-2 is a clear red version of the Barrel Break IX-2 that was released in 2014 under the Sonic FIRE sub-series.

It comes packaged with an eight dart ammo rail and eight red Elite Darts.

It is a Toys "R" Us exclusive.


The Sonic FIRE Barrel Break features its original ammo rail accessory packaged with it; this is the first time the accessory has been released with the Barrel Break since the Sonic Series variant, as the Elite Repaint variant was not packaged with it.


  • Despite being able to hold up to ten darts with the ammo rail equipped, the Sonic FIRE Barrel Break only comes packaged with eight darts.
  • It is the only reverse plunger Sonic FIRE blaster.


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