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Banzai is a brand of outdoor toys owned by Toy Quest. It primarily focuses on producing water guns and other pool and water toys, such as slides, balls, and more.



The Banzai XXL series of blasters was released in 2004[citation needed].

Banzai products


Name Year
8ShooterDartBlaster.jpg 8 Shooter Dart Blaster 2009
20ShotMachineBlaster.jpg Crupper FDG-20 2009
QuickloadPowerBlaster.jpg Quickload Power Blaster 2010
Quattro-force-blaster.jpg Quattro Force 2011
Battle-ball-blaster.jpg Battle Ball Blaster ?
Battle-blade-attack.jpg Battle Blade Attack ?
Bazooka-rocket-launcher.jpg Bazooka Rocket Launcher ?
BanzaiDiscShooter.jpg Disc Shooter ?
Dual-ammo-blaster.jpg Dual Ammo Blaster ?
DualFireDartBlaster green.jpg Dual Fire Dart Blaster ?
Mighty-micro-power-blasters.jpg Mighty Micro Power Blasters ?
MotoQuickloadPowerBlaster.jpg Moto Quickload Power Blaster ?
MotoTwinFirePowerBlaster.jpg Moto Twin Fire Power Blaster ?
MotoTwin-FirePowerBlaster.jpg Moto Twin-Fire Power Blaster ?
MotoMechPowerBlaster.jpg Moto-Mech Power Blaster ?
PhotonBurst.jpg Photon Burst Power Blaster ?
SnipeStriker.jpg Snipe Striker ?
Strike-fire-force.jpg Strike Fire Force ?
Super-strike-power-blaster.jpg Super Strike Power Blaster ?
TurboPowerBlaster.jpg Turbo Power Blaster ?
XtremePowerBowBlaster.jpg Xtreme Power Bow Blaster ?

Blaster sets

Name Year
Unknown.jpg Blast Assault Battle Pack ?
Unknown.jpg Disc Shooter Battle Pack ?
Unknown.jpg Double Duel Face Off ?
Power-shot-action-pack.jpg Power Shot Action Pack ?
Tag-blast-target-blast.jpg Tag Blast Target Blast ?
Turbo-battle-blitz-pack.jpg Turbo Battle Blitz Pack ?
TurboStrikeBattlePack.jpg Turbo Strike Battle Pack ?


  • Previously, outside of the United States, the Banzai brand was distributed by Intek Toys.

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