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Not to be confused with the Super Soaker banana clip.

The banana clip is a Nerf dart clip that was released in 2014.

It comes packaged with the Demolisher 2-In-1, the Modulus ECS-10, the Tracker ECS-10, the Ultimate Customizer Pack, the Stryfe CQ-10 and the BattleCamo Series Stryfe. A Costco exclusive bonus pack of the Demolisher 2-In-1 includes two banana clips instead of just one. The banana clip can also be purchased separately through Amazon.


The banana clip holds up to ten darts at a time. Like a real-life "banana magazine", it curves towards the front of the blaster; the curved part of the clip is dead space and is purely for aesthetics[1]. It has a similar appearance to that of an N-Strike six dart clip. Unlike other N-Strike Elite clips, the banana clip does not feature a transparent side. The curved shape can make it easier to hold and remove.

As with all clips, there is that a groove on the top where the dart is inserted. This can slightly deform the dart on the top, particularly if it is stored there for a long period of time.


It was first revealed on January 20, 2014 alongside the Demolisher 2-In-1.

A variant of the banana clip was released with the Doomlands 2169 Impact Zone Desolator, this time with a translucent-orange window to view the darts.


  • Before Nerf ever constructed the idea of the Demolisher 2-in-1, they had already implemented a fictional banana clip into the video game Nerf N-Strike Elite.
  • There are two minor variants of the banana clip. The first is marked with a copyright of 2014, and is packaged with the Demolisher 2-In-1 and the re-release of the Modulus ECS-10. It features a painted Elite logo and capacity marking on the right side, while the left has no paint. The second variant is marked with a copyright of 2013, and is packaged with the original Modulus ECS-10 and the Ultimate Customizer Pack, and features painted capacity markings on both sides (notably in thicker paint than the 2014 version), while the Elite logos are not painted.



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