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Play the game. Live the game.
— BallistixOps' tagline, as seen on product packaging

BallistixOps is a series of Dart Zone ball blasters that was released in 2017.


Alongside Prime Time Toys' other ball blaster series, Adventure Force Tactical Strike, BallistixOps is meant to compete with Nerf's RIVAL series of products. Blasters released under the series fires Power Strike Rounds, similar to High-Impact Rounds and cross-compatible with blasters that fire that ammunition type.

BallistixOps products


Name Year
Powerball.png Powerball 2017
Velocity.png Velocity 2018
DZApex.jpg Apex 2020


Name Year
PowerStrikeRound 100.png Power Strike Round Refill ?
TeamCompetitionMask box.png Team Competition Mask ?

Blaster sets

Name Year
BattleSquadron.png Battle Squadron ?
MegaForce.png Mega Force ?
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