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A Ballistic Ball is a type of Nerf ammunition that was released in 1989.


As their name may suggest, Ballistic Balls are a ball-like ammunition fired out of ball blasters. They are made of soft foam material, which may cause them to bounce off of surfaces they collide against. Because of their foam construction, they have been criticized by the Nerfing community for their rather poor firing range when compared to other types of ammunition.

The green variation of the Ballistic Ball is slightly larger than the previous colorways.[1][2] The diameters and sizes of balls feature some variation to them, but balls from before 2003 range from 1.64" wide to 1.73" wide. Ballistic Balls from after 2003 range from 1.73" wide to 1.76" wide.

Blasters from before 2003 should only be used with yellow Ballistic Balls. Blasters released after 2003 will fire both green and yellow balls, but work best with green ones.

Official description


The Ballistic Ball was first introduced in 1989 with the Blast-a-Ball, as the first ammo type for a standard Nerf blaster (not counting the 1976 Nerf rocket). For several years in the mid-1990s, the Ballistic Ball was not used with any Nerf blaster after the release of the 1995 Ripsaw. It was later re-used prominently throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, starting with the 1998 Pulsator.

The Ballistic Ball was updated with the 2003 Atom Blasters line; this version of the Ballistic Ball was now green and slightly larger in diameter. This meant that certain older blasters could not utilize this new type of ball.

The Ballistic Ball has been discontinued since 2006. The last known release to use this ammunition was the Buzzsaw.

Color schemes

The Ballistic Ball has been released with the following color variations:


Ballistic Balls work with the following blasters:

Refill sizes

Ballistic Ball refill packs could be purchased in the following sizes:

Size Price
Green ballistic balls.jpg 5 4.99 USD
link=File:{{{Image}}} 12 (comes with mesh bag and belt clip) 8.99 USD


  • Ballistic Balls are sometimes used without a blaster, thrown by hand, as a grenade-style weapon in Nerf wars.
  • The Nerf Koosh Galaxy series features an ammunition type similar in style and function to Ballistic Balls.
  • A number of non-Nerf brands and companies have produced their own Ballistic Ball-style ammunition. This includes:


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