A ball blaster is a type of blaster that fires only ball ammunition, often by use of a powerful pressure system or a flywheel system.


The most common type of ball blaster fires Ballistic Balls. Other notable ball blaster ammunition includes Koosh Galaxy Balls and High-Impact Rounds.


The first Nerf blasters only fired balls, but Nerf slowly phased these out after introducing the Sharpshooter and the first dart type in 1992.

List of ball blasters

Ballistic Ball blasters

Name Year
Blastaball box Blast-a-Ball 1989
Blastamatic box Blast-a-Matic 1990
MasterBlaster Master Blaster 1992
Slingshot Slingshot 1992
BallzookaBlaster Ballzooka 1994
Switchfire1994 Switchfire 1994
Ripsaw Ripsaw 1995
Pulsator sm Pulsator 1998
Supermaxx5000 SuperMAXX 5000 1998
Ballblasternew Ball Blaster 1999
Ballzooka mp150 Ballzooka MP150 2000
StrikerSlingshot Striker Slingshot 2001
Atbb Air Tech Ball Blaster 2002
HNR45525lg Atomizer 2003
Cyclotron Cyclotron 2003
Reactor Reactor 2003
Atomblaster2 Atom Blaster 2005
Nerf buzzsaw Buzzsaw 2006

High-Impact Round blasters

Name Year
Apollo-red Apollo XV-700 2015
Zeus Zeus MXV-1200 2015
Atlas red Atlas XVI-1200 2016
KhaosMXVI4000 Khaos MXVI-4000 2016
Artemis-red Artemis XVII-3000 2017
52119272 Hera MXVII-1200 2017
NemesisMXVII10K Nemesis MXVII-10K 2017

Koosh Galaxy ball blasters

Name Year
AlienArcher Alien Archer 2012
HanSoloLauncher Han Solo Launcher 2012
JediSlingshot Jedi Slingshot 2012
SolarRecon Solar Recon 2012
SpaceAgen Space Agent 2012
StarScout Star Scout 2012
Galactagon Galactagon 2013
KometHunter Komet Hunter 2013

Other ball blasters

Name Year Ammunition type
RSABBallBlastzooka Ball Blastzooka 2003 Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
BattleSnakeBallShooter Battle Snake Ball Blaster 2003/2004 Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
RSABBallBlastzooka Blast Ballzooka 2003/2004 Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
LightningStrikeBallBlaster Lightning Strike Ball Blaster 2003/2004 Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
Slinger Slinger 2003/2004 ?
Mech3 Mech 3 2005 Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
MechBallBlaster Mech Ball Blaster 2005 Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
TripleMech Triple Mech 2005 Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
TotalXStreamAir BallBlaster Ball Blaster 2007 Blaster Balls
PumpTek Pump Tek Cancelled (2008} Ballistic Balls (Buzz Bee)
TotalXStreamAir BallisticShooter Ballistic Shooter X-8 2013 Blaster Balls
Accelerator Accelerator 2017 Tactical Strike Rounds
Titanium Titanium 2017 Tactical Strike Rounds
30b9bba2-4bd0-49fc-8497-dfad66867d13 1.4de165af5fcc31c9efb4fdb2ef02eb00 Quantum 2018 Tactical Strike Rounds
TotalXStreamAir CosmicThruster Cosmic Thruster ? Cosmic Balls

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