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Ball Blasters is a series of Nerf Ball blasters that was released in 2005.


The term "Ball Blasters" is an unofficial moniker for a small series of ball blaster that were produced between 2005 and 2006. The blaster in the series all featured similar color schemes and many similarities, such as the handles on both the Atom Blaster and Buzzsaw.


This series was a replacement series for the previous year's Atom Blasters line. While the line originally only consisted of the Atom Blaster, the Buzzsaw and Reactor joined the blaster in December of 2006.

The series ran for several years and initially only the Atom Blaster was discontinued. The remaining blasters in the Ball Blasters series could still be purchased in some retail stores, most notably Toys "R" Us in North America, up until the release of the N-Strike Elite series in 2012.

Ball Blasters products


Name Year
Atomblaster2.jpg Atom Blaster 2005
Nerf buzzsaw.jpg Buzzsaw 2006
Reactor BB.jpg Reactor 2006