Not to be confused with the blaster type.

The Ball Blaster is a Nerf ball blaster that was released in 1999.

It comes packaged with four Ballistic Balls.


It has the same firing mechanism as the Reactor, however there are some differences between the two, such as the Ball Blaster uses yellow Ballistic Balls. Unlike the Reactor, it has a handle on the pump mechanism.


The Ball Blaster has an interesting history; it is one of the few blasters released around the years 1999 to 2001, alongside other blasters like the Striker Slingshot, Gyro Strike, Arrow Strike and several others.

As it was not released within a series, it is generally considered to be a part of the Power Nerf series, the current series at the time. Despite this, it was never actually part of an official series. It apparently sold enough to be listed as a "Perennial Best-Seller" in 2000.[2]


As the Ball Blaster does not have a trigger or the ability to fire darts, modification is extremely limited like most other ball blasters. While it is possible that small modifications such as air restrictor removals can be completed, potential range increase is rather small due to the overall nature of the blaster. Although it has not been completed on a Ball Blaster, it is possible to rebarrel the very similar Reactor.[3] This is likely to be as far one can take a Ball Blaster when modifying.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Ball Blaster, place up to seven Ballistic Balls into the front end of the blaster.

To fire, pull back the front of the blaster. Push it forward to ready the blaster for another shot.



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