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This is an article about the Lanard Ball Blaster. For other uses, see Ball blaster.

The Ball Blaster is a Total X-Stream Air ball blaster that was released in 2007[citation needed].

It comes packaged with four Blaster Balls.


The Ball Blaster features an unique priming handle, which extends above the blaster and not below it. Similar to that of the Nerf Buzzsaw or Ripsaw, it has a feeding tube for Blaster Balls to be fired from. There is a hinged lid, which can close the tube to keep balls from falling out.

It advertises a firing range of up to twenty-five feet (seven meters).


The Ball Blaster was re-released as an Air Zone blaster. Two versions of the Air Zone variant exist: one retains the original name of the blaster, while the other was named the Sentry 4.

It was later re-released as the BallistX Blaster Ball Blaster.

Color schemes

The Ball Blaster has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Orange, blue, and gray
  • Orange, gray, and yellow
  • Blue and green
  • Clear-X (clear plastic and orange)

Value packs

The Ball Blaster comes packaged in the Ultimate Blasters blaster set alongside the Cranking Cannon. It also comes packaged in a blaster set with the Over Under.