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BUNKR is a series of Nerf and Super Soaker-branded Battle Bunkerz products that was released in 2020.


The BUNKR series consists of inflatable accessories that can be used to create a playing field for a Nerf war.

Each product comes packaged with a number of "BUNKR Battle Cards", which see use in gameplay based on the National Blaster League.


Other BUNKR products were produced prior to it being an Nerf-branded product; these all have BUNKR logos on them, rather than Nerf ones.

BUNKR products


Name Year
BattleSwitch.jpg Battle Switch 2020
BattleFort.jpg Battle Fort 2020
CautionCrate.jpg Caution Crate 2020
TrafficCone.jpg Traffic Cone 2020
ToxicBarrel.jpg Toxic Barrel 2020
StadiumPack.jpg Soak'n Spray 2021
StadiumPack.jpg Splash Zone 2021

Product sets

Name Year
BattleRoyalePack.jpg Battle Royale Pack 2020
BattleStackers Cube.jpg Battle Stackers (cubes) 2020
StackersPack.jpeg Battle Stackers (cylinders) 2020
CompetitionPack.jpg Competition Pack 2020
ChallengerPack.jpg Challenger Pack 2020
StadiumPack.jpg Stadium Pack 2020
GoBattleSet.jpg Go Battle Set 2021


  • Both Nerf and non-Nerf BUNKR products are "official products" of the National Blaster League.
  • BUNKR products were similarly seen in seasons one and three of NERF House.