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The BASR-L is a clip system Nerf blaster that was released on June 1st, 2020 to promote the video game Fortnite.

It comes packaged with a scope, a six dart clip, twelve Fortnite Darts, and instructions.


The BASR-L is a bolt-action sniper rifle-styled blaster, similar to that of the N-Strike Modulus LongStrike. It is based on the legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle from Fortnite. It has a single tactical rail on top of the blaster, where the included scope goes. The jam door is built into the tactical rail, which hinges upwards to reveal the breech.

Under that tactical rail is the BASR-L's ambidextrous priming handle. After pulling it back, a clip can be loaded from the bottom. The firing trigger and the clip eject button is located right behind the clip. Similar to the Tri-Strike, the BASR-L has slam fire capabilities.

Older versions of the BASR-L are not compatible with certain clips with bumps in their sides, such as the eighteen dart clip, making it impossible to load into the bllaster's curved clip well. Newer models do not have this compatibility issue, as the clip well has been modified to accept these clips.

Official description


The BASR-L was first leaked through image-less listings on online distributor websites. It was later announced at the 2020 New York Toy Fair.


  • The BASR-L is the first clip system Fortnite blaster not to take batteries.
  • BASR-L stands for "Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle - Legendary".


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