Assembler Gear is a sub-series of Nerf Marvel blasters that was released in 2018.


Assembler Gear blasters all come packaged with a number of parts and accessories that are connected together to form the blasters themselves. Parts are designed so that they can be attached to any Assembler Gear blaster via tactical rail or inverse tactical rail, so that the user can make their own creation and play with it.

Each blaster within the series is themed to a specific member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the exception of the Miles Morales Assembler Gear.

Assembler Gear products


Name Year
IWCABlaster Captain America Assembler Gear 2018
IWHulkBlaster Hulk Assembler Gear 2018
IWIMBlaster Iron Man Assembler Gear 2018
IWSMBlaster Iron Spider Assembler Gear 2018
IWSLBlaster Star Lord Assembler Gear 2018
BlackPantherAssemblerGear Black Panther Assembler Gear 2019
CaptainAmericaAssemblerGear 2019 Captain America Assembler Gear 2019
CaptainAmericaAssemblerGear blaster Captain America Assembler Gear 2019
CaptainMarvelAssemblerGear Captain Marvel Assembler Gear 2019
HulkAssemblerGear 2019 Hulk Assembler Gear 2019
IronManAssemblerGear 2019 Iron Man Assembler Gear 2019
IronSpider2019 Iron Spider Assembler Gear 2019
MMAssemblerGear Miles Morales Assembler Gear 2019
RoninAssemblerGear Ronin Assembler Gear 2019
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