Nerf 003

The 9" arrow, an example of a Nerf arrow.

An arrow is a type of ammunition fired by certain Nerf blasters.


The first arrow type to be released was the 1991 11" arrow. These came packaged with the Bow 'n' Arrow, and would be subsequently re-released with further arrow blasters, such as the Arrowstorm and the Crossbow (Nerf Action). It would be succeeded by the shorter 9" arrow in 1996, which would become the new standard arrow type up until 2014 Rebelle arrow type. These would later merge into the Zombie Strike series, for use with blasters like the Wrathbolt.

Types of arrows


Air Zone

Buzz Bee


Prime Time Toys


Blasters compatible with arrows

For a list of all arrow blasters, see Category:Arrow blasters.


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