Not to be confused with modern Nerf and Rebelle arrows.

The arrow is a type of Nerf ammunition.


It is used by few Nerf blasters. It was one of the first types of Nerf blaster ammunition and the longest running; it has been sold for nearly twenty-five years. It varies in color and has three wings, which are known to be quite flimsy. The arrow is capable of high ranges and is accurate due to its aerodynamics. However, once the fins become damaged, both range and accuracy decrease dramatically.

Some variations of arrows can be purchased separately, and some other companies also produce arrows that fit the blasters well; Buzz Bee, Larami, Lanard, and X-Shot have all produced their own variation of the Nerf arrow.


Arrows were first introduced in 1991 alongside the Bow 'n' Arrow. For many years, the arrow was not used with any Nerf blasters after the release of the 1999 Triple Strike. The arrow was finally revived with the release of the 2013 Blazin' Bow.

The original arrows were eleven inches long. Since then, they have been replaced with the now standard nine inch version.

Modern arrow blasters fire slimmer, plastic arrows first introduced in the Rebelle series.

Arrow variants


11" arrow

11" arrows are, as the name implies, eleven inches in length. They are currently discontinued. 11" arrows came packaged with the Arrowstorm, Bow 'n' Arrow, Crossbow, and SuperMAXX 5000, which was the last blaster to come packaged with this type of arrow.

9" arrow

9" arrows are, as the name implies, nine inches long. They were first introduced in 1996 with the release of the Cyber Stryke Gear Defender T3 and act as a successor to the older 11" arrow. Refill packs could be purchased on the official Hasbro website, but they are no longer available.

The 9" arrow that came with the Defender T3 has a very different appearance when compared to the rest of the 9" arrow variations. The fins are also slightly different on the back.

Other variants


SuperMAXX Arrow

SuperMAXX Arrows (also known as Larami Arrows) are an arrow-type ammunition sold with the SuperMAXX System 2000 and the SuperMAXX 5000, as well as in refill packs. They are quite similar to Nerf arrows, and are also 11 inches in length.

Blasters compatible with arrows






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