Aquashock is a series of Super Soakers that began in 2007.


This series features four new soakers, as well as one re-released accessory. Strangely, this is the first series since Hasbro adopted the Super Soaker brand that no soakers were re-released, as the past three series had done (excluding Aqua Squirtz). All soakers in this series used the new soaker cap previously seen in the Max Infusion series; this cap fixed leaks, yet made reloading easier with the ability to attach a hose to it.


As there were no re-released soakers, all products within the series were released in the same year with the exception of the Max Infusion Backpack, which was initially released with the Overload from 2006. The series was discontinued after 2007, although three out of four soakers within the series would be re-released under a later series.


Super Soakers

Name Year
ArcticBlastAquashock Arctic Blast 2007
HydroBlitzBox Hydro Blitz 2007
SecretStrikeAquashock Secret Strike 2007
SneakAttackAquashock Sneak Attack 2007


Image Name Year
MaxInfusionBackpack Max Infusion Backpack 2006/2007
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