Aqua Squirtz is a series of Super Soakers that began in 2004.


The Aqua Squirtz series features a line of Super Soakers specifically designed for small children. The majority of the soakers in this series are re-modeled versions of the XP-215. The remainder of the soakers are novelty soakers with little resemblance to the rest of the Super Soaker brand. Some soakers featured action figures as well, again pointing towards a younger audience.


The line was discontinued in 2005. None of the soakers in this series were re-released under any further line. This is to date Hasbro's last Super Soaker line designed for smaller children; all further lines have incorporated this aspect into their soakers as well as retaining their appeal to older children.

Aqua Squirtz products

Super Soakers

Name Year
H2ORacer H20 Racer 2004
SurfSpeedster Surf Speedster 2004
SurfSpeedster Surf Speedster 2004
WackyBall Wacky Soaker Sprinkler Ball 2004
TikiSoki Mt. Tiki Soki 2005
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