For information on the blaster's standard features, see Apollo XV-700.

The Phantom Corps Apollo XV-700 is a re-release of the Apollo XV-700 that was released in summer of 2017 under the Phantom Corps sub-series.

It comes packaged with a twelve round magazine, seven High-Impact Rounds, two team banners, and instructions.

It is a Target exclusive in the United States, but has been seen in Canadian Tire stores in Canada.[1]


It is a re-release of the RIVAL Apollo XV-700, except that it comes with a twelve round magazine rather than a seven round magazine.[2]

Official description

Reloading and firing

To reload the Apollo, load up to twelve High-Impact Rounds into the included magazine. Load the magazine into the blaster's handle until it snaps into place. To prime the blaster, pull back the priming lever located on top of the blaster.

Pull the trigger to fire a round.


  • Despite being packaged with a twelve round magazine instead of a seven round magazine, the Phantom Corps Apollo is still referred to as the XV-700. A more correct number code would be "XV-1200".
    • XV means "15" in Roman numerals, which references the original Apollo's 2015 release date. However, the Phantom Corps version was released in 2017.



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