Ambush Rip Rockets is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1995.


It featured three small blasters with rather unique functions that focused on stealth and unexpected shots.


It has two predecessor series: Rip Rockets and Hyper Rip Rockets.

This series began and ended within the same year. Several of the blasters were re-released shortly before the year 2000 with updated boxes. This series was the last of the line of Rip Rockets lines. Interestingly enough, for this re-release, the 1996 Rip Rockets Switchfire was inducted into the Ambush Rip Rockets line.[1]

Ambush Rip Rockets products


Name Year
250px-BacklashBox Backlash 1995
HiddenShotBlaster Hidden Shot 1995
IMG 0867 Wrist Blitzer 1995
Switchfire96 Switchfire 1996


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