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Ambush Rip Rockets is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1995.


The Ambush Rip Rockets series features three small blasters with rather unique functions, all of which focused on stealth and unexpected methods of firing.


Ambush Rip Rockets is the successor to the Rip Rockets and Hyper Rip Rockets series, the last to use the "Rip Rockets" name. It was discontinued in 1996 with the re-release of the Switchfire.

The series temporarily began production in 1999; these re-releases of the blasters featured updated packaging that matched the then-modern Power Nerf-style of packaging.

Ambush Rip Rockets products


Name Year released
250px-BacklashBox.jpg Backlash 1995
HiddenShotBlaster.JPG Hidden Shot 1995
WristBlitzer.gif Wrist Blitzer 1995
Switchfire96.png Switchfire 1996