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Not to be confused with the 2010 N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18.

The Alpha Trooper CS-12 is a clip system Nerf blaster that was released on May 15, 2013[2] under the N-Strike Elite series.

It comes packaged with a twelve dart clip, twelve Elite Darts, and instructions.

In Australia, the Alpha Trooper is exclusive to Target. In the United Kingdom, it is exclusive to Argos stores. In Germany, it has thus far only been available from Galeria Kaufhof department stores and stores that are members of the VEDES trade association.[citation needed]


The Alpha Trooper is a pump-action blaster. It features compatibility with detachable shoulder stocks; built into the rear of the attachment point is an priming indicator that turns orange when the blaster is halfway or fully primed. It features slam fire capabilities as well. Clip release buttons are located on either side of the blaster, just behind the clip well.

The blaster has a tactical rail on top, behind the jam door. It has two strap points, one in the bottom grip and one in the priming slide. A single dart can be stored in the grip of the blaster.

It is advertised to fire up to seventy-five feet (twenty-two meters).

Official description


The Alpha Trooper CS-12 is a successor to the 2010 N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18. It was released two weeks early in the United Kingdom, on March 1. It was also released in Singapore on June 22.

It was succeeded by the Alpha Trooper CS-6 in 2015. This version notably uses "Elite XD" internals and advertised a boosted firing range.


Unlike its predecessor, the Alpha Trooper CS-12 has a direct plunger system.

However, it retains the lock on the bolt sled from the original version, which allows half priming and can cause possible jams.


  • UK fans have noted that the plunger cap causes strain to the blaster regardless if the cap is fitted on correctly.[citation needed]
  • Early releases of this blaster, particularly in Hong Kong, sported a non-Elite "N-Strike" logo on the handle, which can also be seen in official promotional photos for the blaster. This was amended in later models.
  • US fans have noted that there is poor detail on the Alpha Trooper, ranging from the "Alpha Trooper CS-12" name on the blaster to poor painting.[citation needed]
  • The box art for the Elite Alpha Trooper is very similar to the box art for the N-Strike Alpha Trooper; the same model is pictured and the same effects and layout are used as well. Only the color of the blaster and graphics are different.
  • On the box, the model is shown firing the blaster with the priming slide in the rear position, which is impossible for all Alpha Trooper models, unless the user has quickly pulled the slide back after firing. This is a plausible explanation, since the Alpha Trooper has slam fire capabilities.


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