Alpha Strike is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 2019.


Alpha Strike blasters are intended to be sold inexpensively in order to make Nerf accessible to everyone. Unlike other series, most of blasters under the Alpha Strike line do not feature any sort of accessory attachment points, such as tactical rails, stock attachment points, or barrel extension points (with the exception of newer blasters such as the Hammerstorm). Alpha Strike blasters with accessories such as scopes and shoulder stocks are non-removable and integrated into the shell. Additionally, most blasters are assembled with plastic tabs; no screws are used externally in order to reduce cost. The plastic has also been reported to be lighter and lower quality than other Nerf blasters [1]. All of the blasters in this series have been designed to have extremely simple operation, with a limited number of moving parts, and no batteries.

The blasters features a yellow and orange color scheme, similar to that of the classic N-Strike color scheme. The series also bears a striking resemblance to Zuru's X-Shot brand of dart blasters, incorporating many similar features and blaster designs.


The Alpha Strike series was leaked online in January of 2019. It was later found on shelves in stores in Hong Kong, and subsequently on British toy websites.

Alpha Strike products


Name Year
Fang Fang QS-4 2019
AlphaStinger Stinger SD-1 2019
Tiger Tiger DB-2 2019
Wolf lr1 Wolf LR-1 2019
Flyte CS-10 Flyte CS-10 2020
1508D731-523C-4453-803D-758076484532 Hammerstorm 2020
UppercutOrange Uppercut 2020

Blaster sets

Name Year
BattalionBox Battalion Set 2019
CobraDualTargetBoxNA Cobra RC-6 Dual Targeting Set 2019
CobraTargetBoxNA Cobra RC-6 Targeting Set 2019
FangDualTargetBox Fang QS-4 Dual Targeting Set 2019
FangDualBox Fang QS-4 Load Out Set 2019
FangTargetBox Fang QS-4 Targeting Set 2019
LynxStingerBox Lynx SD-1 & Stinger SD-1 Multi-Pack 2019
MissionOpsBox Mission Ops Set 2019
StingerQuadBox Stinger SD-1 4 Pack 2019
StingerEightBoxNA Stinger SD-1 8 Pack 2019
StingerTargetBoxNA Stinger SD-1 Targeting Set 2019
TigerDualTargetBox Tiger DB-2 Dual Targeting Set 2019
UltimateMissionBox Ultimate Mission Pack 2019
Unknown Eagle Ops Pack 2020


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