The AlphaPoint is a Nerf laser blaster that was released in fall of 2018 under the Laser Ops series. It requires four "AA" batteries to be operated.

It comes packaged with a Laser Ops armband, a solo attachment, and instructions.


The AlphaPoint is a small, pistol-like laser blaster. The blaster's receiver dome is located just above the muzzle and emitter; firing at this receiver dome will register as a hit on an opponent.

By default, the AlphaPoint has a firing capacity of ten shots. This, along with health points and more, can be upgraded through the use of the Laser Ops Pro app.

Built into the handle is a reload switch, which "reloads" the blaster when low on laser ammo. This can be used to switch between three team colors prior to game: blue, red, for team matches, and purple, for free-for-all matches. When a player runs out of hits, the light deactivates to show they're out of the match.

Unlike the DeltaBurst, the AlphaPoint is too small to have a screen to track gameplay information. Instead, it is tracked by LED indicators in the back of the blaster; this only tracks health and ammo remaining, however. If the player wishes to play with a smart phone, the solo play accessory can be attached to the front to hold a smart phone in place; alternatively, the player can use the armband to fix their phone to their arm.

The blaster's power switch is located on the right side. Below that is a switch for choosing indoor or outdoor play. An internal speaker is also located on the right side.

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Blaster sets

Two AlphaPoint blasters come packaged in the AlphaPoint 2-Pack.


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