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Alien Menace is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in fall of 2016.

It is a worldwide Toys "R" Us exclusive.


The Alien Menace series features blasters and products with a heavy science fiction design to them, with a mix of "organic and mechanical looking elements", as well as "alien-styled mechanisms".


Sometime after the release of the Voidcaster, Alien Menace products underwent a large color scheme change, with purple colors being replaced with a blue color scheme similar to that of the Voidcaster's. Branding had also shifted from purple being their primary color, to blue, making a change to the series' logo and product packaging.

In 2017, Toys "R" Us declared bankruptcy; stores would close the next year. Due to this, and no other retail stores officially picking up the series, such as Target getting rights to sell Doomlands 2169 products, Alien Menace fell into discontinuation.

Alien Menace products


Name Year released
Incisor.jpg Incisor 2016
Ravager-0.jpg Ravager 2016
Voidcaster.jpg Voidcaster 2017


Name Year released
Alien menace darts.jpg Alien Menace Dart Refill 2016
BattleVest.jpg Battle Vest 2017
AlienMenaceDigitalTarget.jpg Digital Target 2017
Foam blade.jpg Foam Blade 2017
Foam maul axe.jpg Foam Maul Axe 2017


  • Aside from the Nerf logo, all writing on Alien Menace blasters is in an "alien language", rather than English. This alien language's alphabet substitutes for the English alphabet on blaster decals and packaging.[1]


Official videos


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