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The Titan AS-V.1's air tank.

An air tank is an internal component of some air powered blasters.


Air tanks are usually pressured with air from a pump, and, upon trigger pull, will release a large blast of air, sending the dart or ammunition out of the barrel. Air tanks come in many sizes, depending on the ammunition that is being fired. Larger ammunition like Mega Missiles, require more pressure to fire and so their blasters will have larger air tanks than those that fire regular darts.


Air tanks were first seen in 1994 with the Larami SuperMAXX series.

In 1997, Larami was acquired by Hasbro, and they began producing blasters with air tanks under the Nerf name.

After 2007, no new air tank blasters were produced by Hasbro for more than a decade.

In 2018, the N-Strike Modulus Mediator Barrel became the first blaster to use an air tank since the Dart Tag Spider-Man vs. Venom Blasters in 2007.